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[heavy message] Jing Ling magnetic levitation line successfully passed the acceptance test.

[heavy message] Jing Ling magnetic levitation line successfully passed the acceptance test.

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Why is it called magnetic levitation cutter?

The beam and trolley of_fine rhombic magnetic levitation cutting machine are driven by linear motor when they are moving in X/Y direction. The motor and stator are not in contact when they are moving. Usually the clearance of 1MM is kept, just like suspended on the guide rail, and driven by electromagnetic force. So this kind of cutting machine is used in the industry. Commonly referred to as magnetic levitation cutter.

Two, linear motor drive: non-contact, no wear, long life, low noise.

Traditional cutting machine, X/Y direction of the drive is servo motor + gear rack, and commonly known as magnetic levitation is linear motor drive, linear motor can be considered as a kind of structural deformation of rotating motor, it can be seen as a rotating motor along its radial dissection, and then flattened evolved。

Compared with rotary motor, the linear motor has the following characteristics:

(1) is a simple structure, because the linear motor does not need to turn the rotation into a linear motion of the additional device, so that the structure of the system itself is greatly simplified, weight and volume greatly reduced;

(2) is a high positioning accuracy, where linear motion is required, the linear motor can realize direct transmission, thus eliminating various positioning errors caused by the intermediate link, so the positioning accuracy is high, if the microcomputer control is used, the positioning accuracy of the whole system can be greatly improved.

(3) the reaction speed is fast, the sensitivity is high, and the follow-up is good. It is easy for the linear motor to use magnetic levitation to support its actuator, so that the air gap between the actuator and the stator is always maintained without contact, which eliminates the contact friction resistance between the stator and the actuator, thus greatly improving the sensitivity, rapidity and follow-up of the system.

(4) is a safe, reliable and long life. Linear motor can realize non-contact transmission force, mechanical friction loss is almost zero, so fewer faults, maintenance-free, so safe and reliable work, long life

Three, magnetic grating positioning:

The resolution of the high magnetic grating ruler is 1 micron M

Precision of_magnetic grating ruler: +20 m/m。 Because terminal display is used, and the intermediate transmission link is avoided, the cutting precision is expected to be 0。1-0。15m m/m。

Four, high accuracy: full closed loop control

closed-loop control used in the control system, there is no intermediate transmission link, so the equipment has a higher accuracy in theory。

Five, industry application

Owing to the high cost and high precision of magnetic levitation cutting machine, it is recommended to use in the industries with high cutting requirements such as automobile glass, high-end household appliances, furniture glass.

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