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Jingling glass is 18 years old.

Jingling glass is 18 years old.

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In 2011, the 18th anniversary of Bengbu Institute of Applied Research on New Technologies and Anhui Jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. was held. On the last day of 2010, we celebrated our 18th birthday in the art hall on the fourth floor of Jingling office building.

reviews the history of Jingling Bo Che, condenses the painstaking efforts and sweat of each Jingling Bo Che。 The integrity, enterprising, diligence and innovation of Jingling Bo Che inject the motive force of sustainable development into the enterprise。 Eighteen years have passed。 Eighteen years have passed。 During the eighteen years, our company has gradually developed from small to large。 Today, we have arranged more than one hundred laid-off workers to complete more than 40 technological innovations and development for all factories and enterprises。 More than 300 technical poverty alleviation, technical assistance and technical support activities organized by trade union workers and technical associations have solved more than one thousand technical problems for more than 100 enterprises both inside and outside the province, not only creating good economic benefits, but also achieving good social benefits。

This year is the 18th anniversary of the founding of Jingling Boche, Jingling people take bold steps to provide the community with more advanced, high-quality, excellent service glass cutting equipment, we have the courage to pioneer and forge ahead, our Jingling people move forward towards their goals! We hope that the development of Jingling glass will be greater, stronger and more harmonious!

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