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What does glass machinery industry rely on to improve competitiveness?

What does glass machinery industry rely on to improve competitiveness?

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Continuous technological changes have prompted the evolution of glass products from single float glass to high value-added glass products, accompanied by the upgrading of glass equipment manufacturing industry.

Especially with the introduction of the concepts of industry 4.0 and manufacturing 2025 in China, the development of glass machinery and equipment industry is also accelerating. Some machinery and equipment enterprises obviously feel that orders have increased in the past two years. There are two main reasons:

First, the overall market environment is not good enough to receive money。

In the past, the glass industry was in a downturn until 2016. However, there is no sign of a substantial increase in orders from glass manufacturing and processing enterprises, so is the demand for machinery and equipment. Although the equipment industry is not growing as fast as other industries, it has been steadily advancing from time to time. The elimination period of mechanical equipment is usually 8-10 years, that is to say, the industry has stable and continuous demand.

Two, homogenization competition is serious, price war leads to thin market profits。

The concentration of China's glass machinery and equipment industry is not high, the number of enterprises is large but the scale of enterprises is small, there is still a gap with foreign industries, most of the domestic glass machinery and equipment is still low-end, more and more homogenization, lack of core technology, processing performance and stability to be improved, or processing accuracy is not enough, or effective。 The rate is low or the failure rate is high, but the factory purchase equipment is not like the general consumer goods industry casual or have the tendency to pursue luxury, glass manufacturing industry is a pragmatic industry, the mechanical equipment is the pursuit of processing accuracy, efficiency, quality, stability and other real indicators。

In the fierce market competition environment, glass manufacturing plants are competing with each other for higher productivity and better product quality, so which equipment manufacturer's equipment technology to meet the needs of customers will be more competitive. That is to say, what equipment enterprises need to do is to continuously improve the technical level, master the core technology, get rid of the low-end homogeneity, and expand to the high-end areas.

Change in the machinery and equipment industry requires time and experience. It is necessary to have core technology in the long run, but most enterprises may not be able to do so in the short term. Can we start with increasing added value? For example, once it is found that many customers have the same situation in a certain stage of equipment centralization or frequent replacement of a certain accessories, the initiative to analyze whether there are defects in their own process, if there are indeed technical problems, immediately improve.

Besides, the most intuitive feeling in the transaction is service。 However, the equipment industry has such a feature: customer stickiness is not strong, like a hammer sale, payment settlement, the expiry of the warranty, we will be clear。

How can we improve our service so as to enhance customer stickiness? For example, you can regularly understand the key indicators of the equipment you sell, remind the customer if you find that you need to replace the parts, or even send the relevant parts to the customer; or the equipment is in use for eight years, the seventh year when you remind the customer that the equipment is about to expire and offer a discount for replacing old equipment, such a service will not be available. Will it bring greater competitive advantage to itself?

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