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Correlation and import and export analysis of glass industry in China

Correlation and import and export analysis of glass industry in China

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Glass prices continued to be low in 2010-2015, but since 2015, glass prices have begun to rebound. The average spot price of float glass in major cities has risen 41% from a very low 56 yuan / weight box in 2015 to 79 yuan / weight box in November 2017.

Affected by the sustained warming of downstream demand, the glass industry began to show a strong situation of production and sales in the second half of 2016. From the perspective of flat glass production, the cumulative year-on-year growth in early 2016 has increased from - 5% to 5%.

In May 2016, the General Office of the State Council promulgated the Guiding Opinion on Promoting the Steady Growth of Building Material Industry, Adjusting the Structure and Increasing the Benefit, which stipulates the task objective: "By 2020, a batch of cement clinker and flat glass production capacity will be reduced, and the productivity utilization rate will return to a reasonable range; the output of cement clinker and flat glass will rank among the top 10 enterprises. The production concentration is about 60%. In terms of reducing production capacity, the opinions stipulate that "new capacity is strictly prohibited." By the end of 2020, it is strictly prohibited to record and build cement clinker and flat glass construction projects with new capacity expansion. " "For enterprises that fail to eliminate backward production capacity within the prescribed time limit, they shall not revoke their discharge permits and provide any form of new credit support, and the land and resources management departments shall not approve the addition of new land."

At present, there are about 12 production lines in the industry with a total capacity of 3.13 million tons. Due to the policy restrictions and environmental protection, and part of the production line investment started at the last peak of production capacity, the probability of putting into production is not large due to the impact of capital and industry situation, and the impact of new production capacity can be ignored.

From the point of view of cold repair production, there are about 360 production lines in the industry, of which about 90 are in the state of shutdown and relocation, and about 33 are in the state of cold repair. The Action Plan on Promoting the Production and Application of Green Building Materials, jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction, calls for the full implementation of cleaner production. Promote the application of building materials kiln flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal, clean coal gasification, intelligent building materials manufacturing, comprehensive utilization of resources and other common technologies, give priority to supporting the building sanitary ceramics industry clean production technology transformation. The flat glass industry limits the fuel of high sulfur petroleum coke. Therefore, some of the coal gas and heavy oil glass enterprises which do not conform to the environmental protection policy do not ignite after the cold repair period because of the high cost of the production line transformation and the difficulty of financing. It is estimated that the proportion of resumption of ignition will be around 1/3, so the impact of resumption of production capacity will be very limited.

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